Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More poems by Rebekah knight

One for Daddy

Come on Daddy!

Come on Daddy, don't sit still!
I love you Daddy, I always will.

Daddy you're home! That's great!
Daddy you're home, the computer can wait.

Lets have a hug at the door.
Put down the remote,
and lets fight on the floor!

Lets kick at a ball, or build a great fort.
You can read me a story, or we can just talk.

Lets go for a ride on our bikes, to the park,
Lets race to the goal post,
I'll beat you, I am fast!

Come on Daddy, lets buy an ice cream!
Ask me what I want I be when I'm older,
Please help me dream!

Come on Daddy, help me get dressed.
I love the clothes you chose for me,
All a mis-match!

Come on daddy, lets jump on the trampoline!
Come on Daddy I want to giggle and scream!

Come on Daddy, a piggy back please?
Oh dear Daddy, I grazed my knees.

Play with me daddy. Don't sit still!
I love you Daddy. I always will.

(c) Rebekah Knight 2013

Behind these eyes

Looking out, from within,
I gaze at my life, 
here on earth.
Through these eyes of mine,
I watch.

Like a cinematic screen,
the movie rolls,
I see my teen years, my childish laugh.
My playful banter,
jumping in the hay.

Running through the grassy fields,
singing with my friends,
friendships gone,
but not forgotten.

Conversations recalled,
hands held,
family members embraced.
Through these eyes,
I watch.

I see my life,
through these eyes,
 I am the same inside.
As life plays on,
stopping for no one, 
through these eyes,
I watch. 

I am the same,
being carried along.
My body, outside, begins to age.
But I remain the same.
Behind these eyes,
I watch. 

People I have loved,
people I have lost.
I can not return to these scenes,
that play before my eyes.
I can not embrace those hands,
those hearts.
The time is gone,
This play goes on,
behind these eyes,
I watch.

Rebekah Knight (c) 2013

Returning from the school run.

Open the door, 
to find,
shoes on the floor,
washing basket full.

Coats off,
Shoes off,
hang your coat on the peg.
"Hold still, don't wriggle,
hand me your leg."

Milk has been left out,
cereal poured,
crumbs lie on the carpet.

that were meant to be in school bags,
left on the work tops.

Duvets crumpled,
Toothpaste squeezed,
hair brushes on the floor.

Pyjamas abandoned,
coffee cups half empty,
yesterdays socks.

A sigh,
turns to a smile.
It's a mess, but it is a reminder.

A reminder that I am not alone.
I have a home,
people who share it with me,
A blessing indeed,
A family.

Rebekah Knight (c) 2012

Sticky little fingers days

I open my eyes to a smiley face," Its morning time, look the Sun is shining! Can I have the telly on?"
I pull myself out of bed & walk the landing, fuzzy head.

"Hold my hand" the little voice cries, we walk the stairs, side by side.
"Yes this one" she says her face aglow, Peppa pig program- I should have known!

I climb he stairs, still oh so sleepy. Back into bed, for a little bit longer.
"Its breakfast time!" is the next voice I hear, Jessie has risen she shouts and cheers!

I hear the giggles and the volumes rise, "Thats not yours Ellie-that one is mine!"
"Muuuuuum! Shes got my teddy. Is is breakfast time yet, I'm getting hungry!" 
I set the table, bowls and cereal. "Girls, the breakfast is ready-come and sit up still"

Time to get dressed, little clothes all a mess." We need to tidy up soon, and make your beds!"
Little fingers wriggle through," Find the end of your sleeve, now pull it through!"

"I'm helping you mum, I'm good arn't I? I've made my bed, I'm helping you!"
I feel a smile, I give a hug, "You are so good, thank-you my love"

'Now clean your teeth and brush your hair, Girls are you wearing clean underwear?"
"We've cleaned our teeth, I did my hair, yes we have clean underwear!'

"What are we doing today mum? Are we going anywhere? Can we feed the ducks, or go somewhere?"

Loading into the car, fighting over seats. "I can do my seat belt mum, all by myself, I dont need any help!"
"Where are we going? Is it going to take long? Mum Jessie is being unkind, she stuck out her tongue!"

We pile out the car, lock all the doors. Head for the woods to go for a walk.
We hold onto hands, we skip along the path.
"Mind for the mud, or you'll need a bath!
"Look up ahead, can you see the pond?"

"Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'D'-do you know what it is?
"Is it a duck? -"Yes! thats what it is!"
"Watch for the edge Kids, you don't want to fall in, Hold daddas hand, cause you can not swim!"

Skip down the path, back to the car, "We're sugar plum fairies-thats what we are!"
Off to the shop, to get something for our tea. "Can we get some flour and bake with you Mummy?"

At the check out, excited from their day, the girls skip and prance about, giggling on their way.
"Back into the car now, home for our tea. If you are really good, you can bake with me"

Chicken, potatoes and vegetables to, "I was so hungry Jessie, were you to?"
"We've been good mum, can we get our aprons on?"
" Go and wash your hands-I'll pop the oven on"

Big pink bowl and rolling pin, "break up the chocolate and put it in."
"Be careful now-you've made a mess, where is your apron? Its on your dress!"
Sticky fingers and happy smiles, "Off up those stairs now and wash those hands,
Wash your faces and clean those teeth. Put pajamas on, put your clothes neat."

"What have you done with the toothpaste, why is your sister wearing it on her face?
What is this mess-toothpaste all over the place!
Hurry now, get into bed-choose a story quick, lets have it read!"

"Love you girls, now off to sleep-Not another sound, not another peep!-
God keep them safe, give them good sleep. My precious children are gifts you have given,
I do not know their days, but you have them all written."

(C) rebekah knight  2010 published 2010

The storm

Why did you take your eyes off of me?
why did you make them focus on the storm?
Don't you know that I'm your Father?
And I take, great delight in caring for you.

Wont you lean into me.
Wont you lean into me.
Wont you take the weight off your own feet,
and lean again on me.

You started out well, so full of faith,
You placed your feet out upon the waters.
You never once broke your gaze with my eyes,
You stood, You walked on water.

Why did you take your eyes off of me?
Why did you make them focus on the storm?
Don't you know that I'm your Father?
And i take, great delight in caring for you.

Wont you lean into me.
Wont you lean into me.
Wont you take the weight off your own feet,
and lean again on me.

Rebekah knight. (c) 2011

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