Friday, 21 December 2012

Welcome to Slow down Mummy.

What can I say? I am overwhelmed, I can not really take in the level of support that I have had from writing this poem, 'Slow down Mummy.' I wrote it after having a busy day with the girls, who are now aged 9, 6 and 23months. I like to keep our home clean and organised and one day, I just felt gently convicted that there were more important things to be doing that day. I sat down and wrote this poem. I wrote it for myself initially, just as a reminder to slow down at times, enjoy the present moment, to stop looking ahead at the next task and goal. If we don't appreciate what is right before us , when it is there, then we may miss many a precious moment.

I certainly was not suggesting that we throw in the towel and live unkempt lives ;-) but to try and prioritise our time, making sure that we have time to snuggle, laugh, read, love, listen, encourage, know our children. I am so very thankful for the enormous feedback from Mothers all over the world who connected to the poem and it's words. I never intended for it to spread this way, It was published last year in a book named 'Musings on Motherhood' and I may re publish it again due to it's success. Lots of Mothers have expressed a desire to have it in a print format, So I am looking into this. Bless you all and once again, Thank-you Rebekah ♥

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  1. Rebekah... this poem is so beautiful it actually made me cry. My daughter is disabled and i work and i do feel like i dont give her enough of my time between working and trying to keep on top of everything else. But she is the most important thing and i have already missed so much of her with working... it definately hit home and i thank you. It really is such a lovely poem keep up the fab work
    Much love
    Becky xxx

    1. Thankyou Becky. I hope you got my reply to your email? Much love x

  2. No i didnt get yr reply. Would you send it again pretty please. Cant wait to read it thank you :-) much love xxx

  3. So beautiful Rebekah. Sure it will speak to many mums :)